My Morning Drink for Boosting Immunity

You guys….what in the actual F?! This is my first post (finally!!), which excites me to no end as I’ve been wanting to share so much helpful information with you on so many health and wellness topics (I get overwhelmed with all the ideas that come through daily), it makes me so sad that I found the time because I’ve been working from home for the past week and a half.  Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) is serious right now and it’s scary shit.  I’m thankful that we moved out of Los Angeles a month ago, but I’m worried that too many people will get sick.  It’s SO, SO, important that we do what we can to support our immune system right now.  There are many ways to do this (quality sleep, exercise, meditation to reduce stress, nutritious foods, and the list goes on and on), but I thought I would provide you with something EASY and EFFECTIVE for NOW.  It’s also something you can do as soon as you wake up so you won’t forget later, suffer from decision fatigue, get side-tracked by Instagram and TikTok (Dave is obsessed right now) or whatever other excuse you may find.  As soon as you wake up, and after you brush your teeth (you don’t want to drink anything first and swallow all the bacteria that built up in your mouth overnight, gross, I know…) chug this 12 ounces of immunity and thank me when you’re quarantined and happily watching Tiger King or Kardashian re-runs and not in bed with a fever.  It’s so important that you hydrate your body before you drink your coffee (which is dehydrating) since you haven’t had any liquids in around 8 hours.  Your organs need rehydration (not sugar or dairy or whatever you put in your coffee…I’ll do another blog post on that later…):

How I make it:

– 12 oz room temp or warm water

– lemon juice (I use 1/2 a lemon and do this after water is already warmed, because doing it before        reduces some of the health benefits of lemon)

– Oil of Oregano (I use 4 – 6 drops and it reminds me of an Italian Hoagie from Wawa in NJ)

– Chlorophyll (I’m using a powder now that I’ll link below, but also like drops and tablets too)

What I take with my water:

– Vitamin C (taking a capsule now but also like Ascorbic Acid powder in water)

– Probiotic 

So what are the health benefits to all this, you ask?  Let me explain… 

Warm water over cold – stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and is much more soothing to the body than a blast of cold liquid.  You want to keep things moving and flowing, you know? Cold water just solidifies everything internally and kind of shocks your system, and not in a good way. Warm water also helps keep your skin glowy and hydrated after sleeping all night (hopefully on your silk pillowcase) and probably in dry air.  You’re also hydrating the lymphatic system, which helps push and drain the toxins out of your body, and prevents adrenal fatigue, which causes you to stress the F out.  By keeping things hydrated and moving along, you’ll be supporting your immune system in eliminating toxins, disease, sicknesses and allowing your body to fight off any potential issues because it’s functioning at full capacity. 

Organic Lemon Juice – oh how I love thee…lemons have so many amazing benefits.  Most importantly right now, is Vitamin C.  Lemons are super high in Vitamin C which works as an antioxidant to support the immune system.  Lemons also are also alkalizing, which cuts down on acidity in your body that leads to disease.  As warm water keeps things liquid and flowing, lemons are high in minerals that loosen toxins in your gut.  Make sure you get organic as much as you can because you want to avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides! 

Oil of Oregano – has natural antibiotic properties, is a powerful antioxidant and improves gut health to name a few benefits.  I SWEAR by Oil of Oregano for fighting off colds and minimizing the duration of a cold for myself over the last few years, so it’s a must for me right now.  Again, it reminds me of an Italian Hoagie from Wawa in NJ…for like an hour LOL but who cares if it helps you to not get sick!

Chlorophyll – I love chlorophyll.  I feel like it nourishes every cell in my body from the sun that penetrated the green plants.  In more scientific terms, it’s detoxifying, reduces inflammations, and has been said to improve the quality of your blood.  It’s incredibly oxygenating and supports your liver, which processes out all the shitty stuff that permeates your system. 

I have been taking a Vitamin C capsule and a Probiotic with my water every day to increase my antioxidants, support my gut health, which in turn boosts immunity.  Combining these things in one cup and downing it first thing is one of the easiest things you can do to stay healthy right now.  Links below to some of the exact versions that I’ve used. 

Oil of Oregano


Vitamin C


Let me know in the comments below what has worked for you so we can all do whatever we can to prevent illness now and in the future.  Also, let me know if you try this and how it goes! 

In Good Health,

Kristen ♡

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