Why I’m Obsessed with Alkaline Water

I drink a TON of water. I track it on my FitBit app and carry around my glass water cup with a silicone straw, of course! (No hormone disrupting BPA here, thank you).
I aim for 1 gallon, which is 128 oz., per day.

Staying hydrated is key in digestion, GLOWY skin vibes and skin health and basic human functioning. You know how you feel when you’re hungover? Tired, sallow, hungry, cranky, basically miserable AF? A lot of that is dehydration. On average, about 75% of us are suffering from chronic dehydration. Not me! Lol Don’t believe the hype of powders and drinks that promise ultimate hydration either. They come with a bunch of chemicals and sugar, which defeats the purpose of hydration. Basically, counteracting so you need more. Simple: water. But not just any water – alkaline (especially oxygenated) purified water. I get mine across the street at this awesome shop “The Better Water Co.”. They also have amazing mushroom coffees and dandelion tea and locally made kombucha, but I’ll do a post on my love of those things another day! The owner, Darlene, is so sweet and coincidentally, a fellow east coaster. She was kind enough to invite me in for a tour of thee huge contraptions that purify and alkalize the water. I had Weiland with me and he was mesmerized lol. Do you guys want me to do an IGTV tour for you?! We could totally arrange that. LMK!

So why alkaline and why oxygenated? I’ve been drinking this water daily for about a month now and I’m OBSESSED! I asked Darlene to give me the deets:

It goes through an Advance Reverse Osmosis Purification and UV Light sanitation process, which eliminates:

o Fluoride
o Chlorine
o Ammonia
o Pharmaceutical runoff
o Chloramines
o Lead
o Bacteria, and more!

All the water begins with advanced reverse osmosis which allows for a pure, refreshing and clean taste. This makes it so easy to drink. Its then run through a coconut carbon filter which adds a clean and light taste.  I find myself drinking so much more throughout the day because of this. My glass is always empty, which is also good for getting up from my desk throughout the day!

  • Alkaline – 9.5pH (10-11 is the highest alkalinity, 7 is neutral and 2-3 is very acidic). Acidity in the body is not good.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the Medical Medium and drinking celery juice in the morning.  He knows his stuff! Alkalinity is beneficial because cancer and other diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment. It hydrates on a cellular level and suppresses the over-production of inflammatory producing acid. There are 84 trace minerals then added. So much goodness!
  • Oxygen Alkaline – 9.2-9.7pH – this one has even higher antioxidants and energy improving benefits for anyone athletic, feeling sluggish or over-worked and fatigued…ummmm hello, all of us right now?! There are also 84 trace minerals and a negative -ORD bead added to the water. The culmination of minerals creates more oxygen than regular water, giving you:
    – More energy
    – Improved mental clarity
    – Improved circulation
    – Supports lymphatic drainage (removal of toxins) – if you follow my Instagram stories, you know I’m all about lymphatic drainage!
  • Curative Water – 10.5-11.5pH, which marinates in the bed of these 84 minerals for weeks. This level of alkalinity can create a detox process in the body that I want to try the next time I start to feel run-down. Its said to give your immunity a major boost. Luckily, I’ve been pretty healthy in quarantine…fingers crossed.

I also have friend who suffers from some chronic bladder issues and she swears that alkaline water is the only thing that relieves her symptoms.

Fun fact on alkalinity…did you know, lemons have a super high pH of 10, making them alkaline, not acidic! I add an squeeze or organic lemon juice to my oxygenated alkaline water every morning! 🙂 Check out the pics below and let me know how you drink your water!

Filtration System
Water Station
Gallon Jug

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