Curious about CBD for Anxiety?

Got the Sunday Scaries? The post-Election Exhaustion? Quarantine Qualms? I’ll never forget telling my doctor that I felt like I was punched in the stomach the second I realized I was awake every morning. My heart racing, feeling like I was already in the midst of a crisis. My hands even shook when I talked to her about it. Anxiety is no joke and can manifest itself in so many different ways. Many of us experience situational anxiety, which comes and goes and can even be a good thing when it pushes us to do something we need to do, but chronic anxiety, that interferes with the joys of daily life, work, socialization and overall mood, is MAJOR and just doesn’t have to be the norm. I think we get used to feeling this way and forget that we do have control over our stress levels, through the foods we eat, exercise, meditation, creative outlets, friends and family, faith and religious beliefs and the list goes on. Personally, I’ve been on a 38 year journey and I finally feel like I’ve found my perfect combination of intentional actions that have brought me peace. For the first time in I don’t even know how long, I feel like the veil of anxiety has been lifted so that I can actually enjoy being happy. Does that sound familiar? Knowing you’re happy in the moment, but still feeling like something isn’t right? It sucks! I’m going to share what I feel is the absolute most important piece of this puzzle for me (everyone is different, and this is only my experience!) in case it can help you.

CBD/THC Hybrid – Papa & Barkley – I take 2 drops of a 1:3 ratio CBD/THC hybrid. I am NOT a weed person at all, so it surprises me that I benefit from the THC dominant blend. CBD alone just doesn’t do much for me, however, I do NOT want to feel any psychoactive “high” effects either, so trust me when I say that I’ve gotten the dosage down to the perfect level of the perfect blend to put me at east. The recommended dosage equals about 14 drops, and I do 2. Yup, that’s right, a tiny little 2. And guess what? It works! No edgy anxiety and no weird feelings of being high. I literally just feel like myself without that feeling that it’s all going to go wrong. (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’re reading this post!). So I take 2 drops under the tongue about every 3 hours. You can put it in your coffee, smoothie, cereal or straight in your mouth. However it works for you. Trust me, you need to try this. I don’t have any affiliation with any brand, but we have MedMen here in Southern California, and the brand I get there (curbside pickup anyone?!) is Papa & Barkley (which makes me laugh because I always take Julio the Dog for the ride over there).

In addition to easing anxiety, CBD can also:

  • reduce inflammation in the body
  • calm skin
  • ease sore and tight muscles (especially if used topically)
  • improve sleep
  • improve concentration
  • act as a pain reliever

There is no one antidote to reducing anxiety, and CBD is one tool that I fully rely on, in combination with other things like yoga, walking, pilates, dry brushing, cold showers, epsom salt baths, lavender linen spay, cryotherapy, adaptogens, journaling and breath work. It’s so important to take inventory of how you feel and adjust as needed. Sometimes I’ll incorporate one or two of these things in a day in addition to CBD, or may not need any, but it’s helpful to have ways to add peace to your day.

What have you found that works for you? Share below!

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