Is Sugar-Free Better for You?

Do you opt for “sugar-free” when ordering your coffee, or picking out that sweet treat to satisfy your craving, thinking that you’re making a healthier choice than going straight for the sugar?  Well let me tell you, marketing tactics are GOOD.  However, they’re not typically great for your health.  In some instances, you’re better offContinue reading “Is Sugar-Free Better for You?”

My Morning Drink for Boosting Immunity

You guys….what in the actual F?! This is my first post (finally!!), which excites me to no end as I’ve been wanting to share so much helpful information with you on so many health and wellness topics (I get overwhelmed with all the ideas that come through daily), it makes me so sad that IContinue reading “My Morning Drink for Boosting Immunity”

Why I’m Obsessed with Alkaline Water

I drink a TON of water.I track it on my FitBit app and carry around my glass water cup with a silicone straw, of course! (No hormone disrupting BPA here, thank you).I aim for 1 gallon, which is 128 oz., per day. Staying hydrated is key in digestion, GLOWY skin vibes and skin health andContinue reading “Why I’m Obsessed with Alkaline Water”