Your Valentine’s Day Self-Love Gift Guide

February 14th is a great day to do something nice for someone you love, but also for yourself (although every day is a great day for that too!). Here are some of my favorite items. Drybrush Bath Salts by Herbivore Organics Every day nourishing body oil Organic Dark Chocolate by HU for antioxidants Fresh eucalyptusContinue reading “Your Valentine’s Day Self-Love Gift Guide”

Curious about CBD for Anxiety?

Got the Sunday Scaries? The post-Election Exhaustion? Quarantine Qualms? I’ll never forget telling my doctor that I felt like I was punched in the stomach the second I realized I was awake every morning. My heart racing, feeling like I was already in the midst of a crisis. My hands even shook when I talkedContinue reading “Curious about CBD for Anxiety?”