The 2 Week Reset

Reset Your Body, Mind & Spirit


It’s that time of year again, where it’s almost expected that we will swear off all of our unhealthy habits and commit to these lofty, unrealistic resolutions that we know we won’t meet. What’s funny is that I had no intentions of releasing this ebook in January.  I fully expected it to be published in November.  When Cyber Monday crept up, it just didn’t feel right to rush something out for the sake of participating in the hype.  I trusted that when this book was complete, the right people would need it.  I worked on it with no deadline, only hoping to provide as much value for a shorter reset as possible. This way, anyone who cannot commit to a 3 – 6 month program can still benefit from a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  It is so serendipitous that it came to completion on the first day of January, ready to jump into your lives at the beginning of a new year. 

If you’re anything like me for many, many years, you’ve decided to create healthier habits but you don’t want to list out “New Years Resolutions” in which you have no action plan or accountability and don’t even know where you would begin on a daily basis.  The 2 Week Reset will help you figure out what you want this year to look like. You’ll reset your gut, skin, weight, energy levels and gain mental clarity, focus and an appreciation for where you are in your journey.  You’ll learn to nourish and support your body in the best ways.  Given that this is a 2 week reset and not a more lengthy program, you will be able to take what you’ve learned and continue to apply it to your life throughout the year.  You can always come back to this 2 week reset when you feel you need it.  

Why 2 weeks?  I’ve found through countless years of trial and error, bingeing, restricting, juice cleanses, detoxes, raw food diets, water pills, liquid diets (and all the other fads you can think of!), that once I allow my body to start functioning the way it’s supposed to, my thoughts are more clear and I feel GREAT.  I also start to gain a renewed sense of freedom from thinking about food all the time, calorie counting, food tracking, and all the things that I’d occupy myself with so that I was always planning my life around food and exercise (with like, zero lasting results).  When I start to feel AMAZING, I don’t want to go back to feeling sluggish, anxious and tired.  I continue to make better lifestyle choices because I’ve seen what positive impact those choices have on my life and I want to ELEVATE that as much as possible.

Enough of the cleanses, detoxes, deprivation diets, crazy and unrealistic workout and meal plans for the new year already, and let’s focus on treating our bodies well and supporting them through nourishing whole, organic and unprocessed foods.  Let’s feed our minds with quality content and inspire creativity.  The truth is, yes, you need to cut out the junk, but what is even more important, is adding in the good.  Good food, good people, good connection to yourself and the world around you; good life.

The 2 Week Reset includes two 30 minute, one-on-one calls with me so that we can get a baseline understanding of where you are today, what challenges you’re facing, what your goals are now and longer term and what typically gets in your way.  We will have a second call after the first week to check in, see how you’re doing, what’s working for you and where you’re struggling so we can come up with simple solutions.  You will also have my full support through text where you can share photos of meals, nutrition labels that you may have questions about, request recipe suggestions or meal inspiration, or just someone to hold you accountable when you’re falling back into an unhealthy habit loop.  I want you to feel amazing this year; you deserve it.

You will receive an email with a pdf (desktop and mobile/tablet friendly) copy of your T2WR and a link to schedule our calls. Please reach out with any questions at There is also an ebook only option available, without one-on-one support, but with all of the same deliciously valuable content! I can’t wait to work with you and guide you to your fullest potential, in body, mind and spirit!

T2WR with Health Coach Support

Ebook plus 2 scheduled one-on-one calls and full support via text between calls, for two weeks.


T2WR eBook (guide only)

Guide only, for personal growth and accountability.


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